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Guido de Bres school
For a the Guido de Bres school in Amersfoort i performed for a workshop have a look !!

Download and view the videos i made:

Click on the links to see or download the video
(for viewing you need Windows Mediaplayer)

On Queensday
I played with my students in Bussum for the Kanu Nwanko heartfoundation.
This is a organisation founded by Nwanko Kanu its mission is to give African children a chance to get a heart operation.
Without this organisation the would have no chance to live.
The number of this children that need this operation is 4000.
Go to the site and donate and help!
We played one hour and raised € 200,- by playing.


About wildlive

A photosession with Babalawo at the wildlive festival.

Wild-live festival is an idea of the organisation IMWART to collect money for the protection and preserve the wild animals of several countries all over the world.

The strenght is a concept called 'locals for locals' .

Go to the site to see more at



Here some video clips of rhythems for playing the drums:

Kakilembe slow
A video about the kakilembe in slow motion. (good for rehearsing)

Kakilembe normal
A video about the kakilembe in normal motion.

Wolosodon slow
A video about the wollosodon in slow motion. (good for rehearsing)

Wolosodon normal
A video about the wollosodon in normal motion.

You need a Flashplayer 6.0 to see the clips.

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